Blueberry Garden Demo

Blueberry Garden Demo Demo

Unusual platform experience


  • Different
  • Great art style


  • No particular aim!

Very good

Blueberry Garden is a kind of plattorm concept game, where the point isn't rescuing any princess, but rather exploration and curiosity.

Controls, as is becoming common are explained in game as you need them. It's a neat idea, and works well in Blueberry Garden too. There are also things which aren't explained, that you can discover for yourself. It's really easy to play, and has a relaxing, gentle feel to it.

This is advertised as an "experimental" game, and if you're looking for a story, or action, Blueberry Garden won't be your cup of tea. It's very attractive, and there are some nice effects, but the animation is really simple, and sometimes your character doesn't interest smoothly with some of the environment.

This demo is fairly short, but gives you a good idea about how exploration opens up the environment. It's a case of exploring, returning home, and setting off again to new places. Saying how you do this will spoil your discoveries!

Blueberry Garden is interesting, relaxing and unique. Recommended for all curious gamers!

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Blueberry Garden Demo


Blueberry Garden Demo Demo

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